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The Only App You’ll Need

Unlimited Sharing

You can share your card with anyone using the “Share on WhatsApp” feature or by directly sharing the message with your CardNet Digital Visiting Card Link.

Install as App only your phone

You’ll be able to install your Digital Visiting Card as a Mobile Application on your Android or Apple smartphone. This can be really impressive when you share this fact with your friends and potential customers.

Stunning Designs

All the designs available on CardNet platform are custom built and stunningly impressive. I’m sure your client will be impressed with your CardNet Digital Visiting Card.

Impressive Animations

Time for boring static cards is gone. Your CardNet Digital Visiting Card comes with live and impressive animations that will definitely catch the eyes of your customers.

Short Link

CardNet link is a very short domain name and easy to remember. You can get your own username as URL or your business name as URL for your Digital Visiting Card.

Saving Environment

The Digital Visiting Card by CardNet doesn’t use any paper which is one step towards saving the environment and keeping the planet habitable for the future generations.

Made in India

CardNet is an Indian product by Fatah Digital and it is purely made in India.

Direct WhatsApp

Share your card with anyone by just entering the receiver’s WhatsApp Number. No need to save the contact before sending your Digital Visiting Card on WhatsApp.

Impressive Customer Experience:

A Physical Visiting Card Doesn’t allow your customers to click on any links or your phone number, they have to manually type it on their phone. CardNet Digital Visiting Card gives an impeccable User Experience.

Data Security

CardNet uses the best in class Data Storage and Servers and takes necessary steps to keep the Data Secure.

Available 24x7x365

Your Digital Visiting Card by CardNet is online all time even when you’re sleeping. CardNet invests a lot of time, money, and efforts into keeping your card live all the time help your customers reach you easily.

Rank on Google(Optional)

If you want your Digital Visiting Card to be listed on Google and other Search Engines, CardNet will enable that option for you and your card will be indexed on Google for better reach.

Social Links

You can provide all your Social Media Links in one place and your customers can find all your Social Media Profiles from your Digital Visiting Card.

Free Promotion

Your CardNet card can reach in anyone’s hands who has the internet connection while the physical visiting card is limited to a certain number of people.